11. 7. 2010


File manager written in Java


Figoo is a simple file manager that supports basic operations with files (copy/move/delete/rename/open/properties) and adds support for online services. So far only Picasa support is working, but Google Docs and possibly Dropbox are on todo list.

Supported functions for file system

  • copy/move/delete/rename/show properties
  • open files with default software
  • Browse all partitions (usb flashdisc, memory cards...)
  • Making ZIP archives with custom level of compression
  • Thumbmails
    • right click on pdf/jpg/png/gif file, select properties and card Thumbmail
    • use middle/wheel mouse button to show thumbmail (for pdf, jpg, png, gif) or to show properties (other filetypes and directories)

Supported function for Picasa

  • list albums and photos
  • view and modify album properties
  • view and modify photo properties (EXIF information only readable)
  • rename album
  • upload new album with size selection (uploading videos is not working)
  • download multiple albums at once or just selected photos (with size selection)
  • delete album/photos
  • "instant" photo open - opening photo with width of 640px by double-click

Supported function for Google Documents

  • list folders and files
  • download files/folders
  • delete files/folders (moving trash supported)
  • rename files/folders
  • Export documents to: txt, odt, pdf, html, rtf, doc, zip
  • Export spreadsheets to: xls, csv, pdf, ods, tsv, html
  • Export presentations to: swf, pdf, png, ppt
  • Batch export in 3 modes:
    • doc|xls|ppt
    • pdf|pdf|pdf
    • odt|ods|ppt
  • limited upload (due to Google API) - all files are converted to Google Documents

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